70+ Art Works will be Installed May-June

We're talking cool art pieces.

The Art is Coming!

Dozens of artists and volunteer community members working with professional artists are busy creating and installing the 70 art installations along the ArtLine as you read this! We’ll share photos of the results here when the art is completed. In the meantime, follow us on Facebook to see photos of the action in progress….or even better, visit the ArtLine route between now and late June and #exploreartoutside as you watch the art being created in person!

Meet the ArtLine Artists

Anna Charney

Bobby Magee Lopez

Carlos Fresquez

Edge Gallery

Katy Casper

Ladies Fancywork Society

Lauren Culbreth


Maureen Hearty

Michelle Wolins

Next Gallery

Pirate Gallery


Sandra Fettingis

Timothy Flood

Will Strathmann

Yulia Avgustinovich